How to find Trending Topics?

Dear meniya-Media Writers,
When we begin to write an article, the first and foremost thing is to research trending topics. Trending topics let you be in the moment and grab the attention of your readers within seconds. Also, it’s good to stand out of the crowd but when it comes to the trends, it’s most important to know what’s trending.
Now, how to find them? It’s simple, there are sites that provide multiple trending topics just for you. Let’s go ahead and look at some websites that can prove to be a saviour for you and your readers.

Twitter hardly needs any kind of introduction! Twitter posts current trends on their homepage and profile pages frequently. It is the most reliable way to find out the political and cultural trends of the world, as well as the current situation of the nation. Not just this, you can even check out the global trends & can look up for country specific trends as per your needs by searching the hashtags.

Google Trends:
Google has the solution to every problem, you name it and Google has it! Google has its own set of Trends, that they keep updating hourly and sometimes even minutely! You can search the trends here and even see the frequency of its usage online, looking at it, you can absolutely choose which trend to follow.
Both of these websites are absolutely free and easy to use. Go ahead, keep up with the trend to reach on top!