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March Festival

March Festival

4MondayMaha Shivratri
8FridayRamakrishna Jayanti
8FridayInternational Women's Day

March 2020 Holidays - India

Feb 2020

March 2020

Apr 2020
            18 Phāgun 2076
19 Phāgun 2076Today21 Phāgun 207622 Phāgun 207623 Phāgun 207624 Phāgun 207625 Phāgun 2076
World Wildlife Day
Nat'l. Safety Day
Dentist Day
Hazarat Ali's Birthday (हजरत अली का जन्मदिन)
Int'l. Women's Day
26 Phāgun 207627 Phāgun 207628 Phāgun 207629 Phāgun 207630 Phāgun 20761 Chaitra 20762 Chaitra 2076
Dolyatra (होली)
Holika Dahan (होलिका दहन)
Holi ((होली))
World Kidney Day
World Sleep Day
Pi Day
Consumer Rights Day
3 Chaitra 20764 Chaitra 20765 Chaitra 20766 Chaitra 20767 Chaitra 20768 Chaitra 20769 Chaitra 2076
St Patrick's Day
French Language Day
Int'l. Day of Happiness
World Sparrow Day
Int'l. Day for the Elimination of Racial...
Int'l. Day of Forests
Int'l. Day of Nowruz
World Down Syndrome Day
World Forestry Day
World Poetry Day
Lailat al Miraj
World Water Day
10 Chaitra 207611 Chaitra 207612 Chaitra 207613 Chaitra 207614 Chaitra 207615 Chaitra 207616 Chaitra 2076
World Meteorological Day
Int'l. Day for the Right to the Truth...
World Tuberculosis Day
Chaitra Sukhladi (चैत्र सुखलदि)
Int'l. Day of Remembrance of the Victims...
Int'l. Day of Solidarity with Detained...
World Theatre Day
Earth Hour Day
17 Chaitra 207618 Chaitra 2076          
Rajasthan Day
World Idli Day
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