Adarsh msc(it) College -Botad Today’s Technovision Program in IT College.

22 project models will be presented with Botad M. Sc.(it) Today’s Technovision Program in IT College.

Adarsh education campus Botad of Botad. Msc. (IT) College will be organized tomorrow at 23- 2-19 of the Newcaston-2019 program. On 23rd will be open. РIn which M. S. C(IT), department students will be included in 22 different embedded project models and other 25 software projects in the exhibition. Together with all the posters featuring project and information also displayed will be done . Msc(it). to see these works Msc (IT), BCA, BSc, BED, M. S.W Various college students and guardians of as well as Botad will be open from 10:00 to 4:00 in the morning. Inspiration and guidance about the exhibition, Parbhubhai Trasadiya, a trustee of the Adarsh Education complex, has attained. Co-ordinator Pramitbhai Gohel, staff friends and M. S. C(luIT) and BCA Department students are struggling.

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