WORLD MISSION SUNDAY [C] (Oct 18) 1-page summary (L/20)

Introduction: Over one billion Catholics all over the world observe today as World Mission Sunday. This annual observance was instituted 94 years ago in 1926 by Pope Pius XI’s Papal decree. Every year since then, the universal Church has dedicated the month of October to reflection on and prayer for the missions. On World Mission Sunday, Catholics gather to celebrate the Eucharist, and to contribute to a collection for the work of evangelization around the world. This annual celebration gives us a chance to reflect on the importance of mission work for the life of the Church. It reminds us that we are one with the Church around the world and that we are all committed to carrying on the mission of Christ, however different our situations may be.
Mission responds to life

The challenge for the Church’s mission right now is that of “ Understanding what God is saying to us at this time of pandemic”, Pope Francis acknowledges. As people die alone or are abandoned, as others lost their jobs, with the necessity of social distancing or saying at home, the Pope says that we are invited “to rediscover that we need social relationships as well as our communal relationship with God”. This situation can increase our awareness of the need to relate to others, he says. God will touch our hearts through prayer which will always open us to understand others’ needs. Those of us who have not been able to participate in the Church’s liturgical life now understand “the experience of the many Christian communities that cannot celebrate Mass every Sunday”, the Pope said.

Right now, missionaries desperately need our support. In many poorer parishes in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, missionaries are on the front line. They already do so much. Walking hand-in-hand with marginalised communities, long before and long after any emergency. Worryingly the pandemic means World Mission Sunday is in real jeopardy. Show missionaries you care by supporting World Mission Sunday. Your prayers and generosity will change lives.