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PUBG Mobile VS Free Fire: The Battle For The Gamers?

pubg vs free fire
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We compare the two games, PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. PUBG Mobile is a great success among mobile gamers and is a trend in the world. But does Free Fire dispute it?

PUBG Mobile has been a huge hit with mobile gamers and has been trending worldwide since it was launched in 2018, but no one can deny that this position is hotly contested by its rival, Garena Free Fire.

Both games are multiplayer online battle royale that can be played solo or you can enter with your friends in duo or squad mode. The goal of both games is to be the last man standing and get the chicken dinner or Booyah.

In this note, we will compare the two games and try to help you choose between PUBG Mobile or Free Fire.

Free Fire is the number one most popular survival game with over 500 million downloads on Appstore and Google Play, while compared to PUBG Mobile, 100 million users download it. Even Google Trends shows a big difference in terms of the popularity of both games.

Free Fire wins the race in this department due to its relatively small game size and the smooth gameplay it offers even on low-end devices. Compared to PUBG Mobile, the download size is almost 2GB on Android and 2.4GB on iOS.

When it comes to graphics, PUBG Mobile stands out. PUBG Mobile uses Unreal Engine, which is very popular with PC gamers and this engine offers very smooth and realistic graphics.

A very stable internet connection is required to run the game smoothly and your device’s system requirement must be Android 5.1.1 or higher and it must have at least 2GB of memory.

Free Fire is more of an animated combat shooting game that is designed to run even on low-end devices without any lag. Along with smooth graphics, Free Fire also provides easy-to-use controls.

Free Fire has many characters to choose from and they keep adding more regularly. You can start with two free characters: Eva and Adam, and unlock the rest by spending diamonds or in-game currency.

Each character comes with a special ability and can be upgraded using it more frequently. These skills are useful in the initial and subsequent phases of the game.

However, in the case of PUBG Mobile, it does not have such characters, although it allows players to change their appearance. Please note that characters in Evo mode cannot be used in Battle Royale.
Battle Royale Mode

In PUBG Mobile, players must take the fall, prepare, and go on the hunt. The one who survives the classic battle of 100 players ends up winning the chicken dinner. PUBG also offers four detailed battlegrounds that are: Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Miramar.

In comparison, Free Fire is a faster-paced game. A 50-player lobby takes the fall on a smaller map seeking to survive on a remote island, and because of that, a new survivor emerges within 10 minutes of starting the game.

Both Free Fire and PUBG Mobile have multiple vehicles to move around on the map. However, in this regard, PUBG Mobile has an advantage in that it also allows for in-water transportation by boat and has a substantial collection of vehicles, unlike Free Fire, which has limited options, and you can only choose between a car or a motorcycle.

Vehicles in PUBG Mobile are generated in different areas of the map and contain approximately 40-100% fuel.

These are the most outstanding features of both games, Free Fire is more popular and dynamic, capable of running on low-end devices, while PUBG Mobile with better graphics offers a more realistic gaming experience sacrificing space on the device.
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