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This is the Real Story of Santa Claus ! - 2020 Merry Christmas Event - History of Santa Claus

Today my topic is a History of Santa Claus the real Story read the full story.
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Saint Nicholas was the man who later on became popular with the character Santa Klaus. He was a bishop who had distributed money and food to the needy. The legacy to reach the poor and help them continued even after his death. Today, Santa Klaus is a legendary character and a patron to kids!
credit: Wikimedia Commons
Early life of Saint Nicholas
Saint Nicholas was born in 280 in Lycia which is present day Turkey. He belonged to a rich and wealthy family. His parents passed away at a young age, leaving him immense wealth and property. He made the best use of the wealth by giving it to the poor and needy people. He was a philanthropist.
There have been a number of stories which sing about his kindness. One story tells how he helped a father to marry his three daughters by giving them dowries for the daughters.
credit: Wikimedia Commons
Several sources believe that Saint Nicholas died on December 6, 343. After a period of time, his philanthropist acts spread across the world. And he started to be recognized as the protector of kids. He was a known personality in Europe until the time of Reformation in 1500 which led to the birth of Protestantism which gave away the importance of Saints. However, he remained a popular Saint in Holland.
The Dutch continued to celebrate the feast of Saint Nicholas on December 6. The Dutch immigrants brought the legendary Santa Klaus to America in 1700.
credit: Flickr
‘Santa Klaus’- the name had to go through a lot of transformation. It was Sinterklaas which eventually started to be known as Santa Klaus. The cartoonish Thomas Nast sketched Santa Klaus in red with a white beard. Exactly how the world knows him today!
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