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Big news about Chandrayaan 2 mission: Vikram Lander found out, photo sent by orbiter - today rojgar job news paper dil_meniya

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) chief K Sivan told ANI that we have come to know of Vikram Lander.  So far no contact has been made with Vikram.  He said that the orbiter has sent pictures of Vikram but there could be no contact.  He told that efforts are being made to contact him.

ISRO Chief said, hope still exists
 Indian Research Organization (ISRO) Chief K.K.  Sivan had said about the loss of contact with the lander Vikram and the mission Chandrayaan-2 that all hopes are not over yet.  Talking to DD News, ISRO Chief said that scientists will keep trying to contact him for the next fourteen days.  While answering a question asked about any appearance of contacting the lander.  Sivan said- "We will keep trying to get in touch, we will try to get in touch for the next 14 days." Speaking about the orbiter accompanying Chandrayaan, K Sivan said that the life of the orbiter was fixed for only one year.  Was gone, but due to the extra fuel present in the orbiter, its age is now being extended to 7 years.

What happened in the mission…

 ISRO had issued a statement saying - 95 percent mission successful

 Meanwhile, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), in its first statement, described India's Chandrayaan-2 as a difficult mission after a tremendous setback on Mission Chandrayaan 2 on Saturday.  In addition, ISRO called it a "significant technological leap".

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