Will 50 crore mobile phones stop anytime? What is the real fact?

MUMBAI: A media reporter has shocked everyone in the last 24 hours, due to the KYC scandal, the country’s 50 million mobile simcards are being shut down. Despite Dasara’s climate, the government has been forced to come out and clarify it. On Thursday morning, the Department of Telecommunications and the Unique Identification Authority of India have denied media reports expressing the possibility of closure of more than 50 million mobile connections. The Department of Telecommunication and the UIDAI have denied media reports in a joint statement. Media reports claimed that more than 50 million mobile phones are expected to be shut down across the country. This was likely to cause a new KYC process. It was claimed that the KYC of more than 50 crores of mobile connections is likely to be made again. The danger of closure of more than 50 million mobile connections has been activated by the base verification and no new identification has been given to them. This situation was said to have arisen after the Supreme Court ruling on the basis of the situation. In the verdict, the Supreme Court has allowed private companies to stop the process of verification by using a person’s unique ID. Officials have indicated that the government will give sufficient time to revive the KYC. Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundararaj on Wednesday met senior officials of mobile companies. Discussions have been discussed in this meeting to resolve this issue and discuss options. The Department of Telecom is also consulting with the Unique Identification Authority of India, on this issue. They say mobile companies are waiting for the direction of the telecom department on this issue. According to sources, the telecom department is likely to give a new order to the companies shortly.

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