Now preparing for a new note of 100 rupees, soon will be released

Hi friend today my topic is new not for rs.100

Brajesh Dubey, Kanpur Another note will soon be seen in your wallet in new collage. Yes, the design of the hundred rupees note look and size change is almost complete. This will increase the notes of the middle class in the market, while the clean notes policy will get out of the market dirty and torn notes out. Reserve Bank of India can issue this note soon. The design of the note is almost ready.

It is believed that in the next three months this note will be in the pocket of the people. Since the ban, RBI has now issued new notes of Rs 2,000, Rs 500, Rs 200, Rs 50 and Rs 10 respectively. Now in this episode, there is a preparation for issuing a new note of Rs. According to sources, there has not been much change in the color of notes of rupees.

The color base of the note will remain blue, but with lightness. There will be a world monument on the back of the note. The length and width of the note will be less than the old note. Weight will also be around 20 percent less. This note can be issued in June.

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However sources say that according to the way the preparations are underway, the note should come in the market in May. Indian currency will be printed on paper Note: This new note of Rs. 100 will be prepared from Indian paper. After the ban, Government is increasing the use of Indian paper for currency printing. Before that, his reliance was abroad and he had to import currency paper.

The world-wide monuments will be included

In the way the government has given place to the monuments in the new notes after the note-offs, it is believed that there will be a world-monument on the new note of Rs. 100. This monument has been included in UNESCO’s global heritage. High Security Features The new notes of Rs. 100 will contain many high security features other than the information of the public.

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