In Gujarat, revenue from the Rs 10,000-crore GST of GST decreased by Rs 1,000 crore

Gandhinagar: After implementing the GST in Gujarat, the government’s revenue has increased due to value added tax but loss of 4000 crores has also happened. The bogus tax credit scandal is the main factor in these loss factors. In the state, including Saurashtra and North Gujarat, this is a scam of Rs 10,000 crore, which has resulted in a loss of around Rs 1,000 crore to the finance department of the government. In Gujarat, the revenue of GST and VAT has increased to Rs 63550 crores, however, the largest share of revenue is Value Added Tax (VAT) imposed on petroleum products. It will be surprised to know that due to VAT, the government has earned revenue of Rs 21880 crore whereas GST income is 44,937 crores, which is a loss of 4000 crores. Government income is declining after the Good and Service Tax (GST) is implemented. With VAT management, the government is getting less than 4000-5000 crore in GST. There is also a tax haven in one of the reasons for the decline in income. Generating bogus bills at various places in the state has been done to reduce the revenue of 10 thousand crores, through which traders and companies have lost revenue of Rs 900 to 1000 crores to the government. However, the central government is giving the state 14% growth rate. State Commercial Tax Department data has revealed that in the last two financial years, the state government has given total amount of Rs 9836 crore. In states where there is an income decline due to GST, there are states like Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, because these states are doing industrial development and are selling goods in other states of the country. Gujarat is an industrial state, because the government gets low income but the important thing is to steal the tax. The GST department has so far revealed in the largest boggling billing scam that the fake currency of 6030 crore was prepared in the state and input tax credit of Rs 910 crore has been taken on it. Apart from this, such scams have also been caught in North Gujarat’s Unjha and Saurashtra and Ahmedabad. According to GST department statistics, in the seven cases of bogus billing in the state, credit claim of Rs 354 crore was refunded. The total number of these boards is 10 thousand crores, and this has reduced the government’s balance of more than 1000 crores.


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